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Part 2 – Working with Images Using OpenCV

Full image ahead. Today we’re continuing the WordCloud Generator. If you haven’t taken a look at the web-crawling portion of our code, I recommend you visit Part 1 – How to Crawl Your Website and Extract Key Words. What is OpenCV? OpenCV is a very powerful image processing library in Python (and other languages). If you Read more about Part 2 – Working with Images Using OpenCV[…]


Part 1 – How to Crawl Your Website and Extract Key Words

Welcome to my first blog series! If you haven’t been following along, about two weeks ago I had a grand idea to make a web-crawler that generates a WordCloud from any image. Instead of pounding out 2000+ words to describe the whole code, I thought it might be better in a series. So today we will Read more about Part 1 – How to Crawl Your Website and Extract Key Words[…]


A N00bs Word Cloud and E-Commerce Idea

Since this is my first foray into the online game officially, I thought I might test some e-commerce ideas. I’m still in the process of writing Automate My Life’s business plan and thought I may browse WordPress’s e-commerce plugins. That’s right folks, I’m writing a business plan for AML. Why bother doing something if you Read more about A N00bs Word Cloud and E-Commerce Idea[…]

AML International

The Wonderful World of AdSense

2 weeks with AdSense, 38 new visitors, 9 Tweets, 2 Likes, 4 Followers and $4 in revenue is enough to demand a thoughtful blog post on the wonderful world of online advertisement. If you haven’t already noticed, I have now added Google AdSense to my blog website with the aspiring hopes my incessant, geek-ified ramblings Read more about The Wonderful World of AdSense[…]

DM and SEO

Digital Marketing is SEO’s Girlfriend

If SEO were to bring home a girlfriend to meet his parents, her name would be Digital Marketing. Digital Marketing (DM) is the attractive one of the two, and SEO is probably the one carrying her books (and doing her homework). One cannot live without the other in the online era. A digital marketer’s strategy Read more about Digital Marketing is SEO’s Girlfriend[…]


Grassroots SEO Knowing Your Twitter Audience

The actual creation of a blog site isn’t too tough, it’s reaching your audience that is hard. Just like any startup or new business venture, research should be done on your market if you intend to monetize your brand. So when it comes to finding an audience with interests in programming, automation and other nerdy things, the pool seems to Read more about Grassroots SEO Knowing Your Twitter Audience[…]

Automate a LEMP with WordPress Server Install

There is a learning curve when you are a N00b at blogging. In other posts we learned how SEO and Analytics are useful and help the blogger. What if you thought of a new blog and want to quickly deploy a new blog site with LEMP and WordPress? Please someone Automate My Life! Mission Automate the tutorials for a server install at Digital Ocean Read more about Automate a LEMP with WordPress Server Install[…]

Consumer Targeting Strategy Using SEO and Analytics

What is SEO? SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Search Engine Optimization is an analytics-based, online strategy to increase the placement of where your website/content shows up in a search engine as well as increase traffic to your website. So as a Data Scientist…er…MechieDataist…. data is a big deal to me. Why does this matter? Read more about Consumer Targeting Strategy Using SEO and Analytics[…]