Use Python to Automagically get your Google Adsense Report – Part 1

I’m a little tired of logging into Google Adsense and Analytics everyday to see how my website is doing. In typical Automate My Life fashion, I wrote a script to automate that so you won’t have to. My first PoC (proof of concept) was to see if I can login to the Google Adsense Management API and print out Read more about Use Python to Automagically get your Google Adsense Report – Part 1[…]


Twitter Auto-Scheduler Reloaded

I have found a process improvement for my How to Schedule Your Twitter Account Posts code. I thought briefly about it when I was originally coding but wanted to push my work to production first. What I found lacking was that every-time I publish a new post to my blog I have to turn off my code, update Read more about Twitter Auto-Scheduler Reloaded[…]


Part 3 – Creating the WordCloud

You made it. The last tutorial in the WordCloud series. You’ve witnessed web-crawling in Part 1 and Grumpy Cat’s epic fail with the OpenCV fix in Part 2. Now, all that’s left is creating the final WordCloud. Part 1 – How to Crawl Your Website and Extract Key Words Part 2 – Working with Images using Read more about Part 3 – Creating the WordCloud[…]


Grassroots SEO Knowing Your Twitter Audience

The actual creation of a blog site isn’t too tough, it’s reaching your audience that is hard. Just like any startup or new business venture, research should be done on your market if you intend to monetize your brand. So when it comes to finding an audience with interests in programming, automation and other nerdy things, the pool seems to Read more about Grassroots SEO Knowing Your Twitter Audience[…]

Automate a LEMP with WordPress Server Install

There is a learning curve when you are a N00b at blogging. In other posts we learned how SEO and Analytics are useful and help the blogger. What if you thought of a new blog and want to quickly deploy a new blog site with LEMP and WordPress? Please someone Automate My Life! Mission Automate the tutorials for a server install at Digital Ocean Read more about Automate a LEMP with WordPress Server Install[…]