March SITREP How Is Twitter Auto-Scheduling Doing?

I was thinking today if my How to Schedule Your Twitter Account Posts code has been providing any ROI (return on investment). I’m happy to announce that it has!! Just not in the monetary sense. I’m slowly growing my traffic and still providing great content. I didn’t just create another TwitterBot but I’ve certainly noticed which Twitter accounts Read more about March SITREP How Is Twitter Auto-Scheduling Doing?[…]

AML International

The Wonderful World of AdSense

2 weeks with AdSense, 38 new visitors, 9 Tweets, 2 Likes, 4 Followers and $4 in revenue is enough to demand a thoughtful blog post on the wonderful world of online advertisement. If you haven’t already noticed, I have now added Google AdSense to my blog website with the aspiring hopes my incessant, geek-ified ramblings Read more about The Wonderful World of AdSense[…]

DM and SEO

Digital Marketing is SEO’s Girlfriend

If SEO were to bring home a girlfriend to meet his parents, her name would be Digital Marketing. Digital Marketing (DM) is the attractive one of the two, and SEO is probably the one carrying her books (and doing her homework). One cannot live without the other in the online era. A digital marketer’s strategy Read more about Digital Marketing is SEO’s Girlfriend[…]