Are You a Data Analyst, Data Engineer or Data Scientist?

So there I was, sitting in my office stuffing my face with food coding my heart out when a colleague walks in. “Ok Mr. Data Scientist, can you tell me the difference between a Data Analyst, a Data Architect, a Data Engineer and a Data Scientist? My client doesn’t understand what they are and frankly, Read more about Are You a Data Analyst, Data Engineer or Data Scientist?[…]


SITREP: Does Automating Your Blog Posts Really Work?

I admit, I was intensely skeptical that How to Schedule Your Twitter Account Posts and Twitter Auto-Scheduler Reloaded would really bring my site much traffic at all. My objective was Automating My Life to achieve low maintenance blogging for myself and of course high ROI in terms of traffic. There was no way this programming blogger was Read more about SITREP: Does Automating Your Blog Posts Really Work?[…]


Twitter Auto-Scheduler Reloaded

I have found a process improvement for my How to Schedule Your Twitter Account Posts code. I thought briefly about it when I was originally coding but wanted to push my work to production first. What I found lacking was that every-time I publish a new post to my blog I have to turn off my code, update Read more about Twitter Auto-Scheduler Reloaded[…]

DM and SEO

Digital Marketing is SEO’s Girlfriend

If SEO were to bring home a girlfriend to meet his parents, her name would be Digital Marketing. Digital Marketing (DM) is the attractive one of the two, and SEO is probably the one carrying her books (and doing her homework). One cannot live without the other in the online era. A digital marketer’s strategy Read more about Digital Marketing is SEO’s Girlfriend[…]


Grassroots SEO Knowing Your Twitter Audience

The actual creation of a blog site isn’t too tough, it’s reaching your audience that is hard. Just like any startup or new business venture, research should be done on your market if you intend to monetize your brand. So when it comes to finding an audience with interests in programming, automation and other nerdy things, the pool seems to Read more about Grassroots SEO Knowing Your Twitter Audience[…]