September 17, 2016


Automate My Life

Hi I’m j,

This is my hobby shop. I’m a Mechanical Engineer turned Data Scientist….so a MechieDataist? Sure. I gravitate to new technology and am a carnivorous learner….both in analog and digital. I’m plagued by curiosity and the questions Why? How can I make this better? Is it efficient? If it’s already fixed I usually break it so that I have a reason to put it back together….just don’t tell my wife, she’s already making me write this from the garage. I like robotics, machine learning, deep learning, and the challenge of making my life easier using them.

I mostly write about internet stuff or create programs to fix the problems that frustrate me because I think there should be a better way. I tend to write in Python  because it’s a baller language and hate all the other ones but probably won’t be limited to that in the future. Whether it’s automating a dog-food dispenser or automating your life at work, I’m here for you.

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Ever had anyone come into your office and say “You’re a Data Scientist right?”. Depending on the next sentence following that question, a Data Scientist’s heart will either flutter or drop to their toes in heart ache. Dear Mr. Data Scientist is a collection of those questions.


Guest Bloggers

“Dear #AgileCleric

Everyday Agile is a group of technical experts and teachers who have come together to promote building higher performing companies, schools and families through application of agile practices and decisions based on an agile mindset. We specialize in Agile for real world software and systems engineering, but also appreciate and are dedicated to exploring Agile beyond software.

That’s why we’ve created our own “Dear AgileCleric” responses right here on Automate My Life. We like to apply Agile principles to Everyday life. If you have a question how that’s down, send us a note through #AgileCleric.