March SITREP How Is Twitter Auto-Scheduling Doing?

I was thinking today if my How to Schedule Your Twitter Account Posts code has been providing any ROI (return on investment). I’m happy to announce that it has!! Just not in the monetary sense. I’m slowly growing my traffic and still providing great content. I didn’t just create another TwitterBot but I’ve certainly noticed which Twitter accounts seem to be bots.

A New Habit Formed In 28 Days?

My plan was to generate traffic. Plain and simple. I have the advertisements (which I’m still playing with placement) but I was missing viewership. As you can tell from the graphic, it looks like my automation sitrep_Marchscheme worked. March 10th was my How to Schedule Your Twitter Account Posts and shortly following that I had Python slogging away at Twitter while I slept. As of today, I have 31 total page views in roughly 28 days. They say it takes 28 days to form a new habit, I’m debating whether or not I should keep it. One thing that I do want to know about my user base is which of my blogs they are most interested in. Lucky for me, Google thinks the same way I do. As you can see below, my Stream Spotify From Python post is a fan favorite.


How Much?

Although traffic has picked up on my site, about 1 pageview of per day, my Adsense revenue sitrep_march4is still struggling. It’s an interesting beast. I made a few modifications to ad placement on my site this month, as well as completely changing the theme. It turns out that the footer ad seems to be doing better than the sidebar skyscraper ad. However, I just added the footer this month, so let’s not make too many assumptions just yet.


It seems to be that I need more blog posts that have to do with Spotify and Python. Maybe stream Spotify from a Raspberry Pi next? I don’t know. I’ve also considered doing an alarm clock that streams my Spotify playlist and some other cool things.




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