AML Gaining Momentum in SEO?

I was wondering today how my SEO looks using the Google search engine. I’m happy to announce that AML has moved up to Page 4!!! Fireworks explode, tiny unicorns dance in the sky as the gray clouds give way to bright blue. No really…it’s exciting! If you also check out Google images, my WordCloud ranked up to 3rd image!


I think it’s safe to say some things in SEO are paying off. We know that Digital Marketing has a lot to do with it. Check why  Digital Marketing is SEO’s Girlfriend if you don’t believe me. Now that we have a small win, let’s discuss what the strategy is moving forward.

J’s Epic SEO Plan

I’ve spent some time automating my Twitter account lately, How to Schedule Your Twitter Account Posts, but now I need a plan to grow my blog. I’ve also signed up and spent precious hours downloading free images from Pixabay, whom I am quite fond of now (they really have some cool images). What nobody tells you when you start a blogsite is what it takes to make valuable posts. You think to yourself that it’s simple – write interesting stuff, post on a website, have a sweet image and watch the traffic explode. Honestly, if life were that easy no one would even have a work ethic. That’s why Automation in My Life helps me succeed where my time is precious.

Out with the Old and In with the Automation

Automation is my way of preventing monotony. When I was studying in college I took a Lean Six Sigma class for Engineers that completely changed the way I viewed the world. Since then I have always asked myself “how can this process be more efficient and less time-consuming”. As you read the lists below, compare the difference between how I am operating now and what I intend to change for the future. SEO and Digital Marketing are interesting beasts.

Current Method of Craziness

  • Download free images and store them for use later
  • Identify topics of interest
  • Write about said topics of interest
  • Post blog on all possible Social Media accounts feasbile…
  • Watch Google Analytics and hope that someone clicks a link and visits your website
  • Wonder why no one is clicking and no one cares!!!???
  • Post some more stuff to Twitter
  • Check Google Analytics so see if that changed anything

How to Make the Needle Move Using Automation in My Life

  • Analyze Twitter postings for top posters and web-crawl the sites they post for keywords
  • Extract the keywords they Tweeted and also the keywords that are related
  • Use a Machine Learning algorithm to “recommend” which keyword(s) and hashtag I should use
  • Use cluster analysis from top Twitter posters to adjust my “posting patterns”
  • See if anything changes in Google Analytics


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