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Quality content and focused tutorials mixed with a flare for geeky humor. The purpose of this blog is to provide online code tutorials and the like-minded, nerdy content that a reader would expect to match a website called Automate My Life.

What’s a Good Blog Look Like?

There are many elements to a good blog, but what really keeps a reader’s attention is good content. Content is the nucleus of the internet. Storytelling seems to be an art that is dead, so I will attempt to further kill it by getting straight to the point. If you want a story, read a novel (just kidding).

The “Good Blog” Checklist

  1. Focus and Passion – “Blogs become successful because of specificity and passion” -Kevin Donahue, co-creator of Fanblogs,(described by as the best blog dedicated to a single sport)
  2. Good Content
  3. Cool Pictures and/or Memes
  4. Loyal Reader Comments – “they keep a blog fresh
  5. Write conversationally and not academically
  6. Use bullet points and numbered lists
  7. Sub-headlines should be used to break up your post and make it easier to read
  8. Take a stance on something – even if you know you’re wrong because it sells right?

Nailed It!

It may not be surprising to learn that the average person trolling the internet now has an attention span less than a goldfish. (how long have you been looking at that Baby Meme?) That is, if you believe everything you read on the internet. Content isn’t just limited to text, what’s a great story without pictures? The online user is so familiar with pictures plus text that it’s now mandatory to deliver greatness.

With our attention span set at low levels, tech blogs seem to flourish with readers looking for specific answers, mainly good code. They also tend to be great commenters, especially if your post has horrible code or someone cannot execute your script.

Checklist Adjusted for Programmers

  1. Have code that works
  2. Have a link to your code on Github (because it makes you look more legitimate)
  3. Get to know your audience
  4. Try to be insightful without patronizing
  5. ???

Now that we know what a regular blog looks like, we will explore the aspects of a “Good Programmer’s Blog” together in our future posts and search for new things to code.








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