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sociological methods and research

Sociology Research Methods: Crash Course Sociology #4 Today we're talking about how we actually DO sociology. Nicole explains the research method: form a question and a hypothesis, ...

Essential Sociology – Getting Ready for Paper 1 & 3: Research Methods and Methods in Context This is the video from the 'Essential Sociology

sociological theory in the classical era text and readings

1.6 Linking Classical to Contemporary Theories Check us out on Coursera and feel free to join: https://www.coursera.org/learn/classical-sociological-theory.

Classical sociological theory - Marx, Weber, Durkheim In this lecture, Dr. Tom Rudel overviews three classical sociological theorists – Marx, Weber and Durkheim. He notes that all three ...

Sociological Theory and Levels of Analysis Companion

sociological odyssey contemporary readings in introductory sociology

Contemporary sociological theory - Micro, macro and integrative In this collaborative presentation, Dr. Simone Pulver provides a summary of contemporary sociological theory, organizing theorists ...


Chapter 1 - The Sociological Perspective Chapter 1: The Sociological Perspective.

Ch 1 Intro to Sociology

the sociological approach - key concepts and ideas A brief intro

sociological paradigms and organisational analysis

Research Paradigms by Burrell and Morgan These four research paradigms come from Burrell & Morgan (1979) to explain the way they saw the social-scientific world.

Major Sociological Paradigms: Crash Course Sociology #2 This week we introduce sociology’s three major theoretical paradigms, and some of the advantages and disadvantages of each ...


sociological topics for a research paper

Sociology Research Paper Topics This video will be helpful to those who are looking for an ideal topic for a sociology research paper. To get more help in the writing ...

How to Write a Sociological Research Paper This is a short video I made for my graduate seminar on teaching. It