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docker and microsoft how azure is bringing the world of

Docker and Microsoft: How Azure is Bringing the World of Windows and Linux Together Docker and Microsoft: How Azure is Bringing the World of Windows and Linux Together Containers are here to stay and Docker is ...

Azure IoT Edge development with Azure DevOps The Internet of Things is a technology paradigm

docker in practice

Docker in practice: After learning it, How the heck am I supposed to use it... here i go showing you how to use docker for real :) i used Laravel as demonstration but it is applicable to any framework.. Patreon: ...

Dockerfile Tutorial by Example - ( Part I - Basics )

docker 5 books in 1 beginners guide tips tricks simple effective strategies best practices advanced strategies

Magnus Carlsen's 5 Chess Tips For Beginning Players Here's a great chess throwback! World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen​ gives his five best chess tips for beginning players!

How to learn to code (quickly and easily!) Ex-Google tech lead Patrick Shyu explains how to learn to code quickly and easily, with this

docker: up & running

Docker: Up and Running In this episode we show you how to get up and running with docker on OSX. Docker doesn't run natively on the mac and therefore ...

Getting Docker up and running with React, Node and more Intro to Docker given by Lee Warrick. Exploring what are images/containers, how

docker in action

Learn Docker in 12 Minutes 🐳 Docker is all the rage right now. In 12 minutes I'll give you comprehensive introduction to docker, covering: 1. What is Docker 2.

Docker in Action Author's Real-Talk on Kubernetes: DevOps and Docker Live Show (Ep 46) This week I interview Jeff Nickoloff and Stephen